Manuela C. - Pet Stylist

Manuela’s grooming career started while attending the PETSMART Certification program in 2007, which then gave her the opportunity to groom on a full time basis. After a break from grooming to complete a Political Science degree, She just could not put away her love for animals and recently returned to the grooming world.

Manuela has loved animals ever since she was a little child. She has enjoyed caring for her various pets through the years, and developed a deep connection with animals.

Presently, she has a small dog which she adopted at the shelter, and has really enjoyed caring for him as well as going on bike rides together. She enjoys going to the beach and spending time with friends and family.

Manuela has been enjoying caring for and grooming all the sweet dogs who come into the salon. She often sneaks a hug and kiss (or two) during her grooming sessions. She is very excited to be at Mission Bay Salon.

Steffany M. - Pet Stylist

“I started grooming dogs four years ago as a way to fund graduate school after receiving my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at East Carolina University. After only a few months, I fell in love with dogs and haven’t stopped grooming since!  I have been grooming for four years and I love working with puppies, older dogs and dogs that need special care and attention. I currently volunteer at the Humane Society of San Diego in the adoptions department using my knowledge of dogs and cats to match them with a good family. I am also currently working on completeing the prerequisite science classes needed to pursue a medical degree as a Veterinarian. I have Shetland Sheepdog, Bella and a Siamese cat, Cheerio, a Ball Python, Butters, and several Koi fish.  In my spare time my nose is buried in a book or practicing fencing drills!   Glad to be a part of such a caring and dedicated team!”

Alex D. - Reception/Grooming Assistant

Alex attended Sonoma State University as a Business Marketing student and plans to transfer to San Diego State University and graduate in 2016.  His goal to eventually start his own dog training or grooming business here in San Diego.  Growing up, Alex’s family always had three dogs at one time and his love for dogs started at an early age.  While attending Sonoma State in 2009, he rescued a one year old German Shepard/Boxer named Daisy from the pound.  She had been abused and mistreated by her previous owner, but Alex managed to train her and change her from a scared dog to a friendly and confident one.  After a family friend saw a painting that Alex did of Daisy, she asked him to paint one of her own dog.  Alex continued to successfully sell his paintings for the next six months, averaging two to three paintings a month.  Alex is eager to begin his career in the pet business and feels Mission Bay Pet Salon is the perfect place to start.

Amanda W. - Grooming Assistant

“Hi, my name is Amanda.  I’ve had a passion for animals all my life.  I started working with animals in 2011 at a pet shop, then boarding to bathing.  Once I got into bathing I knew this was something I wanted to pursue and eventually learn to groom!”

Ana H. - Pet Stylist

Started working professionally with dogs at a kennel/daycare facility in 2010. She soon realized how much she really liked working with dogs and wanted to pursue more training so Ana became a Veterinary Assistant while attending PIMA and became a licensed Vet Assistant. After working in the field she wanted to branch off and continue her training and experience with dogs so she started looking for grooming experience. Ana joined our team in the middle of 2014 and has been an asset to the team by spotting behavioral and health changes in dogs and letting the owners know. She gets satisfaction when dogs leave from her care happy and proud!
Originally from Chula Vista, Ana is a huge San Diego Chargers Fan and enjoys watching Ellen on TV! Some dogs freak out at the vet, but we are not the vet and they come in happy.

Alicia T. - Pet Stylist

Alicia started grooming 4 years ago when by coincidence she was washing a roommate’s dog and realized that she really enjoyed working with animals. When asked what she finds most gratifying about being a groomer, she replied, “I love seeing the dogs leave happy and the reaction on their parents face when they see the transformation from dirty dog to stylish pup.
Originally from San Diego, Alicia is currently working on a degree as a veterinary technician. She has two dogs, a Rottweiler named Hercules and a Husky named Jubbs.
In her spare time, Alicia enjoys baking, cooking.

Nina K. - Salon Manager/ Pet Stylist

Aloha! I’m Nina! My love and passion for animals developed at a very young age. I have worked in the animal field for 7 years. In 2010, I went to grooming school in Los Angeles and earned my pet hygienist. I have my Pet First Aid and Pet CPR certification.
When I am not grooming I am wrestling and running around with a zoo of my own. I am a mother of a wild toddler boy, two rescued and spoiled girl pit bulls, two male cats, two guinea pigs, a tortoise and fish.

I am very blessed to lead the life I have, surrounded by the people of good nature. I find myself luck to be part of this outstanding team.